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EL Photos in the ABPR Photo Archives Over 1200 as of 5-16-06

DL&W Photos in the ABPR Photo Archives

Erie Photos in the ABPR Photo Archives

The Erie Lackawanna EMail List Archives - Searchable With Indexes

Henry's Erie/DL&W/EL Magazine Project - Company Magazines in PDF Format

Clubs & Organizations

The Official ELDCPS Page
The Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society - Currently restoring Erie Lackawanna Diner #741 and Phoebe Snow Diner #470.

The Erie Lackawanna Mail List Photo Pages
Great photos and video from the mail list members.

The Erie Lackawanna Historical Society
Official web site of the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society, Inc.

Anthracite Railroads Historical Society
Dedicated to the Anthracite Railroads preservation and history.

The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey
Dedicated to New Jersey RR preservation and history.

History & Remembrances

The Erie Lackawanna Page
George Elwood's EL site. Probably the most complete EL page on the Net.

A Railfan Experience at FW
A young railfan stumbles on FW Interlocking in Buffalo, NY.

New Jersey Midland Historical Society
Dedicated to the preservation of the history of the railroads that have operated in New Jersey, with special emphasis on the New Jersey Midland

Clint Chamberlain's
Railroad Photos formerly at Harris Mountaintop

Before and After the Diamond
Historical comparison of the EL, Conrail and predecessors.

The Erie RR
Erie history and some photos.

Lackawanna Railroad Web Site
Lackawanna Railroad right of way current pictures.

The EL in Indiana.

Tim Vermande's EL Photos
EL photos mostly from Indiana.

Brian Case's EL Railroad Page
Brian Case's EL Photos Page with thumbnails

Fred's Erie History Page
Greenwood Lake Branch, Boonton Branch, Starrucca Viaduct, Erie Limited and more.

Jeff Sumberg's EL Croxton Yard Page
EL's Croxton Yard in Secaucus, New Jersey

Fred Stratton's Erie RR site
Erie Steam, EL Links, The Greenwood Lake Branch and More

Joe Jordan's Erie Lackawanna "Train Nut Central" RR site
Train Nut Central is the product of a railfan/modeler. Prototype & Model Photos

Jim Gerofsky's "memories from my days along the rails"
Photos, Train Symbols, Stats, Passenger Train Info, Forms, Paper and Stories

Locomotives & Rolling Stock

EL BLH Locomotives
Erie Lackawanna Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Locomotives.

EL Lima Switchers
Erie Lackawanna Lima Switchers.

EL Alco RS-2 Locomotives
Erie Lackawanna Alco RS-2 Locomotives.

EL Alco Century 424 Locomotives
Erie Lackawanna Alco Century 424 Locomotives.

EL GE U-25-B
Erie Lackawanna U-25-B Locomotves.

EL GE U33C Locomotives
EL U33C Locomotives.

New Jersey Transit's U34CH's: The Last Hurrah
An article on the U34CH by Paul R. Tupaczewski

EL EMD GP-35 Locomotives
Erie Lackawanna EMD GP-35 Locomotives.

EL EMD SD-45 Locomotives
Erie Lackawanna SD-45 Locomotives.

EL EMD E-8A Locomotives
Erie Lackawanna E-8A Locomotives.

EL EMD Switch Engines
Erie Lackwanna EMD switchers.

D&H/EL EMD SD45/GE U33C Locomotives
The EL Swapped the D&H U33C Locomotives for SD45s (repaired link)

EL Freight Equipment
Erie Lackawanna Freight Equipment.

DL&W Baggage & Express Car No. 2078
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western #2078 Baggage & Express Car.

Models & Collecting

Prime Mover Decals EL Page
Paul Tupaczewski's super-accurate HO scale EL decals.

Atlas U34CH HO Locomotives
For sale in in EL/NJT livery.

kitbashing an EL SDP45 in HO Scale

TRP Railroad Stock Certificates
The Rail Philatelist list of RR Stock Certificates including the EL and Erie.

Miscellaneous Links

Western New York 1950 USGS Maps
Showing many Erie and DL&W RR Yards and Junctions with descriptions

NS' NEW Bison Yard Track Diagram
A scan of NS' Official 1999 Bison Yard Trackage Dated 12/01/99 / Blue Moon RR Links
A Large List of Railroad Links of All Types

Thor's "Another Lackawanna Station"
Hoboken Terminal, NJ Transit, MNCR and More

EL Publications
Erie Lackawanna Railroad in Print. Accesses to this page since 11 Mar 97 The Erie, Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, and the Erie Lackawanna Railroads have been the subject in many ...

EL Operations
Typical Erie Lackawanna train operations.

NJ Transit's Roster
NJ Transit Locomotives and Railcars.
NJT and Hoboken Terminal Info

The New York & Lake Erie Home Page
Operating some of the EL's Western New York lines.

New York State Depots
Depots still standing in New York State.

Pennsylvania Depots
Depots still standing in Pennsylvania.

Ohio Depots
Depots still standing in Ohio.

Other Moon Sponsored Railroad Sites

The Home Site's New York Central Links's Buffalo Central Terminal's Railroad Links Page

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